Setting up Panopto in Brightspace


This article details the instructions for faculty on how to add a Panopto video to their course in Brightspace.


  1. Go to your course in Brightspace. Click on the Content button, then type Panopto Videos in the “Add a module...” text field (or whatever you’d like your module for Panopto to be called):
    highlighting the Course menu and the Add a module option for you to setup Panopto in
  2. Click on the Existing Activities pulldown, then select External Learning Tools:
    In the Panopto Video section, you select the existing activities menu to then select External Learning Tools
  3. Click on the Panopto Video - OSW option under the LTI Link column:
    under add activity, select the Panopto Video - OSW option
  4. Click on the Panopto Video - OSW link:
    select the Panopto Videos - OSW link in the Panopto Videos menu to access your folder and content
  5. This will open your Panopto folder that was just created specifically for this course in Brightspace. You can now create content and share it with your students in this folder.
    Panopto course folder

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